Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pros and Cons of Smart Phones Existence

I am using a smart phone. Are you too? If you are, what is your smart phone? Droid or Apple?

I used to have some problems when I was using Apple Smart phone since there are some features that were bugged. When it dealt with iTunes, I found that I could not play my downloaded Mp3 and Mp4 since the bugs interrupted me. I was just like “Oh My God”. I did hate Apple. But my friends have different point of view. The Mac Computers have been expanding with many brand new features and fixtures. To conclude, it has taken over the world of technology.

How about the other features of smart phone? I am impressed with the advancement has been made by many tech manufacturers. They never run out of ideas to make such a great masterpiece. Now here comes many smart phones that offer EDGE and HSDPA+ connectivity letting the users from the world accessing the information anywhere and being socialized with other people in the different part of the earth.

Having the navigation expert from GPS makes you comfortable on the road, does not it? You will not get lost. Or if the GPS can not lend some help, you can just video chat your friends and tell where you are, or perhaps you can rely on Google Maps.

So, what makes people cons for the smart phones existence? Nothing. We all need it!

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How to Save Your Phone’s Battery

You can not live one single day without your smart phone. It is like your oxygen. When it is gone, you will be dead. Imagine that you are going to meet an important client and your phone’s battery is running out. In the other side, there are a lot of important files and graphics you want to show to your important client, and your contact information is there too! Your day will be ruined in one day. That sucks, doesn’t it?

So, you are regretting to do that. You do not want to experience this bad thing anymore. I will share you a solution that will make your smart phone’s battery has more durable life span. Some tips that will save your day as follows:

Make sure you have turned the WiFi service off. When you are not using Internet access from your smart phone, it is better to turn it off. Turn off your GPS also. When you suffers for battery’s life, GPS can do nothing for you. It will just make your phone’s battery drain out since it keeps searching and searching the signal.

Other thing you need to consider is adjusting your screen display brightness. The more you set up the brightness, the more flashing the light onto your eyes. Not only that, it will drain your battery’s energy. Keep it low so that your smart phone will not work so hard.

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You Must Filter Internet Information

Folks get their routine information from their own personal tech such as computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, and many more. Looking for such important information has never been this easy before. Think about the computer benefits, it offers million useful help for most folks in the earth. This is the massive source of the information and you just need to spare some time to use your computer and internet browser to open the giant library that offers million new information for you. through internet, you can save a lot of time and effort instead of going to the physical library.

The Internet has changed everybody’s life instantly. It keeps updating and updating all news from the world and it happens anywhere on the earth. News and society are something that is valuable in the Internet. Other than that, people also use the Internet for playing games, sharing multimedia like movies and music, audio and many more.

The Internet information is important. You must understand how to use the Internet and its information. Sometimes people are misunderstood with the information given in the Internet since it is different with what TV offers. It is important for everyone to filter the information with valuable lodestar. 

What makes the information on the website credible is not looked for how many people access the information or how it looks like in the Google first page, but the credible sources. Sometimes HOAX news won the game since the readers reached million.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Personal Tech for Saving the Days

People have been using PC for many years to expand their work field necessity. However, some of them are not in charge with computer work from home. Most matter we face is not dealing with the hardware or software. But we are concerning now about the secure transaction of banking from your home. You probably do not get the idea on how to secure your banking transaction by installing antivirus or anti malware. Other matter you should consider is also the issue concerning not responding service.

People have been facing the common issues like spyware, malware and viruses. You have probably experienced the same thing involving your Windows Home PC today. To protect your computer, the best defense for your system is Internet security. There are many internet security software proposed by many manufacturers online. Whatever your problem involving Internet malware and viruses, this software will make a strong barrier for your computer.

You need an adequate antivirus for securing your PC from other malware, spyware, virus or any activity involving the hacking trial. In the other side, if you turn on the update for your windows, you are in the right track. Windows provide the users with the latest Windows updates which means your computer security is updated routinely.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Bloody Tablet PC

Do you think that tablet PC is too expensive for you? I have the same idea with you. We should spend about $200-$700 to buy such great tablet for saving the days. Depending on the specification, the price will be varied. Your Samsung for instance, will cost around 300 bucks. But that is fair. You will be offered by many incredible features and appealing apps in the Android OS.

Fortunately, the price is just fair. For instance, you have bought your iPad for $600. That is fair. When you want to have a more luxurious tablet, you can spend more bucks for Window 7 PC tablets.

Now you are on the track when you want to buy glamorous tablet PC for saving the days. To help to inform you, there is Samsung Series 7 Slate PC you can try. This is the masterpiece that ensures the quality of tablet PC usage in adequate experience.

If you are familiar with Samsung Galaxy, this is different. Samsung 7 Slate is like computer without keyboard. This is made from high quality material that will ensure the durability & compatibility. It performs such great 11.6 inches display screen. If you are a compact person, it will allow you to do so since its weight is 1.9 pounds.

As I told you before, the Windows 7 OS equip the Samsung 7 Slate. This great masterpiece is equipped with many useful programs such as Office, Norton Antivirus, and many more. Do you want it?

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